Affinity Designer すべてのレイヤを編集

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IPAD版 Affinity Photo チュートリアルビデオ(英語)

windowsユーザがPhotoshopの代わりに使うとしたら、フリーソフトのGIMPかAffinity Photoのどちらかでしょう。わたしは、Affinith Photoをおすすめします。

Affinity Photoチュートリアルビデオ(公式)

Here’s the list:


  • Opening, Saving & Exporting
    • Learn how to open images from different sources (Photos App, cloud storage), see how images are auto-saved and discover how to export and share images – both in common formats (JPEG, PSD) and as Affinity documents.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Interface Tour
    • Take a tour of Photo for iPad’s interface and get to grips with Personas, Tools, Studios and more.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Basic Image Editing Workflow
    • This video will guide you through a straightforward import – edit – export workflow for the iPad version of Photo.
    • It covers importing an image through Apple Photos, adding adjustment layers, applying filters, then exporting both to cloud storage and Apple Photos.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • iOS 11 Drag & Drop
    • See how to use iOS 11’s new Files browser and its drag-drop functionality to import images into Photo – including dropping multiple images in for stacking, HDR merge, panorama stitching and more.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Inpainting
    • See how to use the Inpainting Brush in Affinity Photo for iPad, which allows you to intelligently remove and replace content in images.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Gestures
    • Affinity Photo for iPad supports multi-touch gestures, and this video demonstrates the most useful gestures you’ll use again and again.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • On-Screen Modifiers
    • Learn how to enable and use on-screen modifiers with the iPad version of Affinity Photo. They behave the same way as traditional modifiers (Ctrl, CMD, Alt) but are touch-based.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Adjustments
    • Get an overview of how to add adjustment layers to your images in Affinity Photo for iPad.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Filters
    • Explore some of the filters available in the iPad version of Affinity Photo, and see how to access live filters (filters as layers) and apply them selectively.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Selection Refinement
    • Discover how to create more advanced selections using the Selection Refinement tool in Affinity Photo for iPad.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • RAW Editing
    • Examine how to open and develop RAW files in Affinity Photo for iPad.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Cropping & Straightening
    • Explore Photo for iPad’s Crop Tool and its different options, including the Straighten Tool to level out horizon lines.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Retouching (Frequency Separation & Retouching Tools)
    • Discover Photo for iPad’s range of retouching tools, including:Automated Frequency Separation
      Blemish Removal Tool
      Healing Brush Tool
      Patch Tool
      Clone Tool
      Inpainting Tool
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Haze Removal
    • Discover the power of the Haze Removal filter in Affinity Photo for iPad.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Dodging & Burning
    • Find out how to use the Dodge and Burn brushes on the iPad version of Photo to enhance your images, and also learn how to use a non-destructive layer setup for dodging and burning.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Lighting
    • Get to grips with Photo’s powerful Lighting filter and see a couple of use cases – also learn how to convert it to a “live” filter layer, which means you can go back in and tweak it at any point without having to commit or apply the filter.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Quick Masking
    • Check out how to use Photo on iPad’s quick masking feature to paint onto an overlay mask for smooth selections.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Sky Replacement
    • Learn how to use selection refinement, layer masking and layer clipping to seamlessly replace a sky in an image.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Panoramas
    • Get started quickly with stitching images into a panorama using the iPad version of Affinity Photo.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Tone Mapping
    • Find out how to tone map regular 8-bit and 16-bit images in Photo for iPad’s Tone Mapping Persona.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Mask Layer Compositing
    • Learn how to show and hide layer content using Mask Layers. Also see how to invert masks and clip adjustments to layers.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Generating Edge Masks
    • Learn how to quickly use Photo’s edge detection filter and rasterise the result to a mask layer – you can then use this mask to selectively apply filters, adjustments and tools to edge detail in an image.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Blend Modes & Blend Ranges
    • Discover how you can use blend modes and blend ranges to composite adjustments, filters and pixel layers more effectively in Photo for iPad.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • RGB/CMYK/LAB Interworking
    • Check out one of Photo’s unique features: adjustments that can work in any colour format (Greyscale/RGB/CMYK/LAB) regardless of your document’s current format.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Making Colours Pop
    • Discover how to use adjustments and the Sponge Brush to bring your image’s colours back to life on the iPad version of Photo.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Channels
    • Learn how to manipulate channels in the iPad version of Photo: generate greyscale layers, edit single channels and load them to other layer alpha channels.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Storing Selections as Channels
    • Learn how to save active selections as spare channels – and go back to them at any time to re-use them.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Changing Eye Colour
    • See a couple of different techniques for recolouring eyes on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. These techniques can be applied to any subject material.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Removing Lens Flares
    • Discover how to use frequency separation to accurately remove pesky lens flares in an image (great for ultra wide lenses prone to flaring).
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Hiding Noisy Skies
    • Check out a quick tip for hiding noisy or distracting skies in low-light imagery.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube


  • Configuring OpenColorIO
    • As with the desktop version, the iPad version of Photo supports OpenColorIO integration – watch this video to see how to set it up.
    • Watch: Vimeo / YouTube



affinity  チュートリアルビデオ(英語)









1. Getting Started


•        Discover Affinity Designer

•        For Beginners

•        For Beginners Too

•        Using the Help System

•        CMYK Setup

•        Designing from a Sketch

•        New from Clipboard

•        Actual Size Zoom

•        Editing PDF Text

•        Using the Grade UI Kit (1.5)



2. Artboards


•        Artboards: Basics

•        Artboards: Exporting and Printing

•        Artboards: Colour and Opacity

•        Artboards: From Content

•        Artboards: Design Aids (New, 3 Nov)


3. Drawing Lines and Shapes


•        Pen Power

•        Shapes

•        Convert to Curves

•        Corner Tool

•        Drawing Perfect Triangles

•        Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines

•        Stylish Strokes: Dashed Lines


4. Colour and Opacity


•        Complex Gradients

•        Adjusting Noise and Opacity in Fills

•        Transparency Tool

•        Changing Colours

•        Blend Modes

•        Colour Picker Tool (1.5) (New, 3 Nov)

•        Colour Palette from Document

•        Colour Palette from Image (1.5)

•        Pantone Colours

•        Global, Spot and Overprint Colours

•        Quick Opacity Setting


5. Layer control


•        Layers Panel

•        Lock Children


6. Object control


•        Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects

•        Rotation Point: Overview

•        Rotation Point: Worked Example

•        Vector Scaling Options


7. Symbols and Assets


•        Symbols (1.5)

•        Assets (1.5)


8. Painting


•        Shading Using Raster Brushes

•        Adding Raster Texture


9. Text


•        Artistic, Frame and Shape Text

•        Text on a Path: Overview

•        Text on a Path: Worked Example

•        OpenType Typography


10. Media


•        Using Raster Images in a Composition

•        Film Noir Style Illustration (New, 18 Nov)


11. Saving, exporting and sharing


•        Save History

•        Soft Proofing

•        Exporting

•        Exporting: Layers

•        Exporting: Slices

•        Exporting: Continuous

•        Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation (1.5)

•        Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice (1.5)

•        Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds (1.5)

•        Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts


12. Design Aids


•        Constraints: Overview (1.5)

•        Constraints: Worked Example for Web Design (1.5)

•        Snapping and Dynamic Guides (1.5)

•        Snapping: Candidates (1.5)

•        Snapping: Object Creation (1.5)

•        Snapping: UI and Web Design (1.5)

•        View Modes and Split View

•        New View

•        View Points

•        Grids: Icon Design

•        Grids: Floor Plans

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes)

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes)

•        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds)

•        Grids: Coloured Lines (1.5) (New, 18 Nov)


Affinity DesignerとPhotoのショートカットキー


「イラストレーターの代わりになるグラフィックデザインアプリ「Affinity Designer」とフォトショップの代わりになる写真編集アプリ「Affinity Photo」の開発元であるSerif LabsがmacOSとWindowsに対応したキーボード操作をまとめたチートシートを公開している。(」でもチートシートのダウンロード先が書いてない。






affinity designer アセットのインポート

affinity designerは矢印が書けないようです。arrowheadsは自作が必要なようです。で便利なassetsを発見。”constantin indicate arrow asset2.0”なるものがありました。で、早速affinity designerにインポートしました。こうなりました。

なお、矢印のAssetsは以下のサイトからダウンロードしました。affinity designerのオフィシャルコミュニティみたいです。登録が必要です。

ファイル名は、constantin indicate arrow です。


抜粋貼っときます ↓ 。


【Affinity Designer】Grade UI Kitをインポートする

Affinity Designer 1.5 (AD)では Grade UI Kitが無料で使えるようになりました。そのインポートがすぐに分からなかったのでメモしておきます。

  1. Grade UI Kitのダウンロード
  2. Assetsのインポート
    1. ADで「表示>スタジオ>アセット」にチェックを入れます。
    2. アセットのメニューから「アセットのインポート」、ダウンロードしたファイル(Grade UI.afassets)を選択します。
  3. Palettesのインポート
    1. スウォッチのメニューから「パレットのインポート」、ダウンロードしたファイル(Grade UI – Fills.afpalette、Grade UI – Gradients.afpalette)を選択します。


      1. アプリケーションパレット:基本これで良いのでは。AD/APのファイルならどれでもパレットが使えるようになります。
      2. ドキュメントパレット:いま使っているファイルのみ
      3. システムパレット:OSX全体で使える?試してないので分かりません。